Do you want to affiliate?
More than likley the answer to this question is no. First of all if you ever asked in the shoutbox before and I saw it, you can bet the answer is no. I don’t take kindly to Shoutbox Affiliates. This shows to me that your not serious enough to email me with information about your sites statistics. I’m not trying to be rude, but honestly I have yet to get a serious affiliation request. If you believe you have a serious request and recieve over 1000 unique visitors a day then please feel free to email me.

Want to link Exchange?
Sure, if your site containts tutorials, is clean and you update regularly then we can surley link exchange.

What font do you use on ______ ?
I get tons of emails asking about what font I used where. If its a pixel font then go to DaFont and get it. 95% of pixel fonts look the same so i’m sure you can find one close enough. I use a variety of diff ones, usually I just pick the first one my mouse pointer lands on in photoshop.

Can I link your tutorials on my site?
Yes, feel free to Link my tutorials on your site. You have permission to use the thumbnails as well. You only have permission to republish the intro and thumb from this site. You May Not Republish My Tutorials!!

Can I publish your tutorials on my website?
NO!! I work hard at creating content for my website. I try to keep it up to date and I try to have it exclusive. I’ve written 95% of the tutorials on SNT myself and the other half I owe a thanks to my friends for. Do your own work, right your own tutorials. Provide Your Own Content!!

Will you send me the .psd file for the _______ tutorial ?
I write tutorials so you can learn. The teachers don’t give you an answer sheet with the answers already filled in does she? No, so don’t expect me to give you a .psd file. I believe 100% that if you take time and are willing to learn you will have no problem getting the end result. You guys can do it, I have faith in you!! 🙂